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Pete Riddell and Eric Brehm are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to clients charged with a criminal offense in Central Ohio.  

A criminal arrest is a serious matter that should only be handled by a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney.  In all criminal cases the stakes are high.  You risk losing your freedom, your rights, and your good name. They understands what you are facing, and will do everything possible to protect your rights and help you avoid a criminal conviction.

For any criminal matter, it’s important to consult with an attorney who has vast experience in the courtroom and who knows criminal law.  Pete Riddell  and Eric Brehm have handled hundreds of criminal cases  and have over 35 years of combined law practice.  They have gained invaluable knowledge, insight, and skill in the criminal process.  As criminal defense attorneys, they have continued to provide clients with high-quality services that have lead to many successful outcomes.

  Criminal Defense Services include:

  • DUI/OVI Defense Drug and Alcohol-Related Offenses
  • Domestic Complaints  
  • Criminal Complaints
  • Possession and Drug Trafficking Charges
  • Other Serious and High Level Offenses

Contact Pete Riddell or Eric Brehm today at 614-478-3676 to schedule a consultation.